Weekly GROUP Discussion Questions

Week 28: August 9-15

Group Discussion (30 Minutes): Read Acts 3:1-11. What has been your experience with the gift of healing? Do you think that God still heals today? AJ said, “a true healer is more interested in being disrupted and healing than they are not healing and remaining the center of the story.” In what areas of yourContinue reading “Week 28: August 9-15”

Week 27: August 2-8

Group Discussion (30 Minutes): What are you devoted to? Evaluate the fruit of your hands, your lips, and your minds–and you’ll know what you’ve planted. So? What is in your heart? Decide now to commit to a Community Group in the Fall. Decide now to WORSHIP and PRAY with us in person OR online onContinue reading “Week 27: August 2-8”

Week 25: July 19-25

Group Discussion (30 Minutes): Inventory your social media over the past 20 weeks.  What have you been talking about? What patterns do you observe in stressful situations? Is it anger? Is it resentment and bitterness? Is it a spirit of distrust and/or anti-authority? How much time do  you spend ingesting commentary on our world (CableContinue reading “Week 25: July 19-25”

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