Day ONE: Mar 29-Apr 4

SCRIPTURE As we begin our teaching series through 1 Peter, this accompanying devotional will invite us to think deeply about Peter’s thoughts about suffering.  This week, we will introduce a way of reading and interacting with Scripture that will “get it into our bones” called S.O.A.P. We are called to live out this teaching asContinue reading “Day ONE: Mar 29-Apr 4”

Day THREE: Mar 29-Apr 4

APPLICATION Yesterday we spent time learning how to make OBSERVATIONS while we read Scripture.  God gave us wonderful minds and the Holy Spirit uses these minds to guide us to truth about God, about ourselves, and about how we can participate with this flourishing life.  Today we will move beyond mere observation and work toContinue reading “Day THREE: Mar 29-Apr 4”

Day FOUR: Mar 29-Apr 4

PRAYER Yesterday we learned about the importance of APPLYING what we are reading.  James, the half brother of Jesus, reminded us to read Scripture while not applying is “only fools ourselves” (James 1:22, NLT).  Application is vital! However, for some it can be easy to fall into another trap. The final step for our S.O.A.P.Continue reading “Day FOUR: Mar 29-Apr 4”

Day FIVE: Mar 9-16

RENEWAL/RESTORATION Yesterday, we focused our attention on Jesus’ death and resurrection—which secures salvation for us personally, us as a community, and even the whole Cosmos! Today, we utilize the prophetic/future proclamation of scripture in order to know more completely what direction we are headed with Jesus. In the future… 3 No longer will there beContinue reading “Day FIVE: Mar 9-16”