Day THREE: May 30-June 5

Spiritual Discipline // CELEBRATION By Andrea Larson Summers generally bring with them a flurry of celebrations of all kinds – from backyard cookouts to weddings to Fourth of July fireworks shows. Our spirits yearn for these good times and for the long, warm days that summer typically brings. But this summer it will be decidedlyContinue reading “Day THREE: May 30-June 5”

Day FOUR: May 30-June 5

Spiritual Discipline // CONFESSION By James Gerber This past Sunday Isaac walked us through four themes that emerge throughout the four gospels accounts of Jesus’ life and ministry. Today I would like to point our attention toward the theme that emerged from the gospel of Matthew. In Matthew we see Jesus as a master teacher.Continue reading “Day FOUR: May 30-June 5”

Day FIVE: May 30 -June 5

Spiritual Discipline // SUBMISSION By Donia Hovet For the past 15 months, we have been living out a season of profound submission. Churches shut down. Schools closed their doors. We were told to STAY HOME unless absolutely necessary. We stopped seeing friends and family and stayed six feet away. We donned masks and face shields.Continue reading “Day FIVE: May 30 -June 5”

Day TWO: May 23-29

Spiritual Discipline // INTERCESSION By James Gerber If you were paying attention on Sunday morning, there was a theme that clearly emerged throughout Isaacs message. God uses ordinary people, empowered by the Holy Spirit, to do Extraordinary things.  Odds are, you’re probably not a pastor. And in fact, no surprise, most followers of Jesus areContinue reading “Day TWO: May 23-29”