Guest Blog Post: Anxiety in the midst of a global pandemic

Carilyn makes an appearance on our podcast! Check it out! I suspect many of you, like myself, have been watching the unfolding of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic with a profound sense of unease. I suspect many of us have watched with a growing sense of anxiety, fear, and uncertainty the evolution of something thatContinue reading “Guest Blog Post: Anxiety in the midst of a global pandemic”

Trial brings out our best…and worst.

It is Monday–a fresh word from the Bible: The scriptures are full of reminders that those who trust in the Lord will be saved. Psalm 37 says, “the blameless spend their days under the Lord’s care.”  When I hear the word blameless, shards of shame scrape against my soul because I know that I amContinue reading “Trial brings out our best…and worst.”

Week 8—Mar 24-31

Group Discussion (40 minutes) When afraid—don’t try to fix the cause of fear, but rather the emotion of fear. Confess your anxiety to the Lord. Invite HIM into that emotion. Discuss with CG or friends or family: what is the difference between fixating on the problem and focusing on allowing the Lord access to emotion?Continue reading “Week 8—Mar 24-31”

Guest Blog Post: So, the kids are home…

Your Kids Are Home For An Extended Time – Now What? Last week when schools shut down, it was a big surprise. As soon as this happened parents started wondering what they were going to do about making sure their students continue to learn. I know school districts across the country are working hard toContinue reading “Guest Blog Post: So, the kids are home…”

Baffling the Devil Through Crisis

In crisis, the Devil seeks to get us off track. We are susceptible to be deceived. I am thankful for the presence of the scriptures… In Luke 4 and Matthew 4, the Devil tempts Jesus. We can relate to the temptations. Today, let’s focus on the responses of Jesus. These responses can be ours asContinue reading “Baffling the Devil Through Crisis”

The Event of Our Lives

We are walking through what I am beginning to call “the event of our lives.” The pivot that we are now in is more significant than anything that I have been through and likely the most significant world-wide event since WW2.  I don’t mean to downplay the significance of any other event (9/11, Natural Disasters,Continue reading “The Event of Our Lives”

Guest Blog Post: Tyler Nice

Private James McNeese arrived in Portland, Oregon on October 3rd, with his military unit. He and his compatriots were en route to training in Texas. Private McNeese had felt fine the day before but he had suddenly begun to feel ill. He went to the hospital, where doctors immediately diagnosed him with the Spanish Flu.Continue reading “Guest Blog Post: Tyler Nice”

Week 7—Mar 17-24

Group Discussion (40 minutes) How do you feel about discipline? What comes to mind when you hear this word? In your Community Group or with your family — lean into gratitude. What opportunity do you see during this disruption? In what ways do you feel God could transform you and your community? Take 3 minutesContinue reading “Week 7—Mar 17-24”