Community Groups: Nov 14-20

  • Welcome and Greeting // (10 Minutes)
  • Catch Up – Highs and Lows, Peaks and Pits, or Icebreaker // (30 Minutes)
  • Share Your Story: Check with your facilitator about scheduling  // (20 Minutes)
  • Discuss // (40 Minutes)
  1. Read Romans 12:9-21 together.
  2. Donia talked about the currency of TIME. As you evaluate your time, in what ways are you generous to others? In what ways do you find yourself stingy?
  3. Donia talked about the Currency of MONEY. How do you feel when you think about your spending? In what ways do you see your spending align with the Kingdom of God? In what ways do you not see it aligning?
  4. Has God ever been faithful to provide for a need you’ve had in the past? Tell your group!
  5. What Christmas Giving opportunity are you going to participate with this year? (Xeo, Coats, Chavez Angel Tree)
  • Pray For One Another – as a GROUP or in TRIADS // (20 Minutes)

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