Day ONE: May 30-June 6

Spiritual Discipline // INTERCESSION

By Chris Bowlby

This last Sunday was Pastor Isaac and Donia Hovets last Sunday before Sabbatical. We received an incredible blessing from Pastor Isaac; we are living into our calling as a Four Gospel Church. Part of our calling is to be people that are expectant for God to move. We live in a world that tries to shrink our imagination. We are told, “you can’t do anything about your world”, or “What you see is all you can dream for.” While our world shrinks our imagination, the Gospel FUELS our imagination. We have hope that a supernatural God will intervene on behalf of his Kingdom. Scripture gives us not just permission, but an imperative to partner with God through prayer. This summer we will have the opportunity to have our imagination sparked by slowly making our way through the miracles of Jesus. 

Our. Prayers. Matter. 

Today, take some time to pray for not just our community of faith, New Hope, but also for the Hovet’s as they move into their sabbatical. God has good in store for us all as we are submitted to Him through prayer!

Prayer for the Hovets:

  • Pray that God would refresh Pastor Isaac and Donia
  • Pray that God would give fresh vision, calling, and revelation personally. 
  • Pray that God would strengthen their family and fill them up with overwhelming love for one another. 
  • Pray that any plans of the Enemy to distract or steal their rest this summer would be thwarted. 

Prayer for New Hope:

  • Pray that God would expand our imagination for what is possible through the miracles of Jesus. 
  • Pray that we would be unified, submitted to one another as the Body of Christ
  • Pray that we would be quick to jump in and support and care for OUR Church. 
  • Pray that God would fill our Pastoral and Church Staff with His Spirit, empowering us to serve him faithfully.

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