Day THREE: Apr 25-May 1

Spiritual Focus // SPIRITUAL GIFTS

By Isaac Hovet

We are better together than we are alone. 

Have you heard us (pastors at New Hope) say that before? We say it because we believe it. 

Paul seems to think the same. We are better together not because all of us are the same, but we are better together because each of us bring something unique to the Body of Christ. For example, God has gifted me with leadership ability. Paul mentions that if someone is gifted to lead she/he should do just that!

“…If God has given you leadership ability, take the responsibility seriously…”

Romans 12:8b

Not everyone is gifted to lead, but I get to own how God has gifted me. It is a Spiritual Gift. It is a blessing to others when I take my responsibility seriously and lead well. 

You have some Spiritual Gifts too. And, when you walk in your gifts, you are a great blessing to the Body of Christ. Are you walking in your gifts? Do you know what they are? 

  1. Read Romans 14:4-8. Do you think you have any of these gifts? Write it down.
  2. Use a dictionary to define what that word means.
  3. Think about how you could apply your gift to some others today. 
  4. Ask the Holy Spirit to help you know your gift and to be confident in it. 
  5. Use your gift!

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