Day ONE: Dec 13-19

9 We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps.

Proverbs 16:9 NLT

We all have an idea for how our lives should go.  From a young age I had thoughts about becoming a lawyer.  My dad and I would spend evenings watching episodes of Law and Order. I was intrigued by the back and forth chess matches that would occur before 12 men and women while truth would begin to rise to the surface. My dad thought I would make an excellent lawyer – I was always arguing with him! 

When God got a hold of my heart I knew things would be different. While my obedience would take time to catch up with my calling, God was in the process of interrupting my plans. It would be years before I would step into full time ministry, but God was helping to inform and shape my future. Oftentimes, God’s interruptions are the biggest gift we could receive. How can we trust God with the redirection in our life? 

God interrupts Abram (later named Abraham). He miraculously gives him and his wife their first child.

God interrupts Moses after he fled from Pharaoh. He calls him to lead His people out of slavery. 

God interrupts David. As the youngest (and least impressive son) he would be called to be the new King of Judah (and eventually the reunited Kingdom of Israel). 

What about the New Testament? 

Jesus interrupts Bartimeaus, a blind beggar to give him sight (Mark 10:46).

Jesus interrupts a widow who was grieving the loss of her son. He raises the boy back to life (Luke 7:11).

Jesus interrupts a demon possessed man casting the demon out of him. The man is able to finally speak (Matthew 9:32). 

God’s Kingdom is advancing. His Goodness is advancing across the world to interrupt the forces of evil that seek to destroy. When God interrupts, He is inviting us to participate with this mission. It often is not according to our plans; however, the inconvenience of the Lord is a GIFT! It’s not only a gift for ourselves, but for the world around us. His call is not always easy, but it is GOOD. 

A few thoughts for reflection:

  1. Has God ever interrupted you? In what ways have you felt impressed by the Lord to change course? 
  2. Is there anything currently that you are feeling the Lord is speaking about? Take some time to process the Lord’s direction?
  3. Is there anything that would be off limits to the Lord?
  4. If you have any fresh revelation from the Lord, talk to your Community Group Leader or a Pastor about it! God uses community to confirm and help shape His revelation.

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