Week 41: Nov 30-Dec 5

Community Group Outline

  • Welcome and Greeting // (10 Minutes)
  • Catch Up – Highs and Lows, Peaks and Pits, or Icebreaker // (30 Minutes)
  • Share Your Story: Take time for ONE or TWO people to share their story // (20 Minutes)
  • Discuss // (40 Minutes)
  1. Read the Prayer of Hope: Isaiah 64:1-9
  2. Lead Pastor Isaac suggested some biblical metaphors for the season we are in. Take some time to explain to each other what the following metaphors mean and how they relate to us: 
    • Rescue from Egypt (Exodus) — What is Egypt?
    • In the Wilderness (Exodus) — 40 Years for what?
    • Living in Exile (Babylon) — What is Babylon?
    • A long Saturday (after the crucifixion of Jesus)
  3. Picture yourself 20 years from now describing this season to a generation who didn’t experience 2020. What do you WANT to say about what God did? 
  4. We have been talking about Hope quite a bit lately. Why do you think the Spirit is leading us to talk about Hope?
  • Pray for One Another – as a GROUP or in TRIADS // (20 Minutes)

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