Week 34: Oct 11-17

Community Group Outline:

  • Welcome and Greeting // (10 Minutes)
  • Catch Up – Highs and Lows, Peaks and Pits, or Icebreaker // (30 Minutes)
  • Share Your Story: Take time for ONE or TWO people to share their story // (20 Minutes)
  • Discuss // (40 Minutes)
  1. A LIAR (Low Information to Action Ration) can be a plague to us all. What observations could you make about your LIAR dynamic?
  2. All of us have habit. Do you feel your habits are shaping you into a person of love? How or how not?
  3. Isaac spoke about Tribalism this week. Tribalism is the idea that we can be sorted and identify with only one faction of those that think like us while distancing ourselves physically and emotionally from those that disagree with a closely held belief. How do you see yourself in regards to the tribalism of our culture?
  4. Have you completed your Life Audit for this week? Consider sharing with your group some of your observations.
  • Pray for One Another – as a GROUP or in TRIADS // (20 Minutes)

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