Week 28: August 9-15

Group Discussion (30 Minutes):

  1. Read Acts 3:1-11.
  2. What has been your experience with the gift of healing? Do you think that God still heals today?
  3. AJ said, “a true healer is more interested in being disrupted and healing than they are not healing and remaining the center of the story.” In what areas of your life are you tempted to remain the center of the story? In what ways are you afraid of a healing?
  4. AJ noted that Peter and John were regularly going to prayer gatherings. He said “the best way to setup the miracle is to be a person deeply devoted to prayer.” How is your prayer life? Could you describe yourself as a person “deeply devoted towards prayer?” Commit to our September Prayer // Worship // Word gatherings (either in person or online if needed) on Wednesday nights.
  5. AJ said that this story “should mess with us.” Some could feel they did too much or too little (according to our idea of what helping should look like.) How did this story, “mess with you?”

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