Week 22: June 28-July 4

Group Discussion (30 Minutes):

Consider what you model in your homes this week:

  1. Every time you are asked to wear a mask—listen to your heart—is it a heart of service towards your fellow man or rebellion against being told what to do?
  2. Most of us wear seatbelts and drive at or near the speed limit. As a result, lives are saved each day even if we don’t immediately see the results. Do you agree that governments have good reason to ask citizens to comply with these rules? Why or why not?
  3. The Way of Jesus contradicts our nature and our culture. Describe how you are being contradicted by the selfless and serving Way of Jesus.
  4. Describe what Isaac means when he says, “Foundational to the Christian worldview is that 1) God has created the general terrain of existence and that 2) We as his creation are able to generally discern what existence is.”

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