Week 20: June 14-20

Group Discussion: (30 Minutes)

  1. Pastor Keith said that racism isn’t political. Are you able to address this topic outside of the political rhetoric that you listen to? Does the Bible inform you or CNN or FoxNews? 
  2. Pastor Keith said that we often mishandle power in our brokenness. What power has God given you that you can use to serve others? In what way are you tempted to use your power for you?
  3. Pastor Keith suggested that we listen before we talk. I am reading a couple of books that make me uncomfortable. I am learning. I am reading “White Awake” written by a white Christian Pastor. It is his journey of understanding God’s heart for a New Humanity and the struggle to see his own prejudice. From another (opposing) point of view, I am reading Thomas Sowell’s book “Intellectuals and Race”. He is an African American economist and social theorist who advocates for an understanding of racial inequities along social and economic lines rather than ethnic identity wars that have been made commonplace by intellectual elites. My suggestion: turn off CNN and FoxNews and read for yourself. So, the question: what are you learning? 
  4. Lastly, let’s pray together. 

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