Week 12: Apr 19-25

Group Discussion (40 Minutes)

  1. Peter says, “Love each other as brothers and sisters.” How is the relationship Jesus calls His followers to more than work buddies or even close friends?
  2. Peter was writing to people who were persecuted and under regular threat. They were mocked and insulted because of their faith. But, Peter says, “Pay them back with a blessing.” We live in a socio-political dynamic in which it is common to trade barbs and insults. What ways do you see Christians getting this wrong? How about right?
  3. In our passage today Peter is strongly suggesting that our gentle and humble responses will cause people to wonder about our faith. And then we need to be ready to give a response for their curiosity. “And if someone asks about your hope as a believer, always be ready to explain it.” Discuss with your Community Group, family, or roommates, how are you getting this right? Where are you missing the mark?

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