Week 11: Apr 12-18

Group Discussion (40 Minutes)

  1. Brainstorm God’s next best step. We have very little control over when life will return back to normal. But God has good steps for us to take even now, while our normal rhythms have come to a standstill. Mary did the next right thing—take some time to consider what the NEXT right things are that you can do to live in the Victory of Jesus during this season.
  2. What are you doing to connect with Jesus? Mary reached toward Jesus. We can follow her example by leaning into him, instead of pulling away or following our impulses toward comfort and control. What can you do to cling to Jesus through this time? Kids, join us for Children’s Narnia Hour Wednesday at 7pm for more learning together. 
  3. Who do you know that needs to hear about the hope we have in Jesus? Jesus instructed Mary to TELL the others. Write down a few names of people you know who need to hear about the love of God. Pray over those names. Pray for an opportunity to tell them about the hope we have in Jesus. 

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