Week 8—Mar 24-31

Group Discussion (40 minutes)

  1. When afraid—don’t try to fix the cause of fear, but rather the emotion of fear. Confess your anxiety to the Lord. Invite HIM into that emotion. Discuss with CG or friends or family: what is the difference between fixating on the problem and focusing on allowing the Lord access to emotion?
  2. Add “Fear is a Liar” to your playlist. Listen once a day.
  3. Read Exodus 14 and pretend you are a Israelite mom or dad of small children while the Egyptians are pursuing you and the Red Sea is blocking you. What would you feel? 
  4. Sing along to the song Waymaker this week. What lyrics of the song resonate with you?
  5. Tune into our “Current Crisis” Podcast: hear from Historian Tyler Nice, Pastor Colton Emmert, Dr. Rob Larson—and later this week Foursquare President Randy Remington. This podcast is me interviewing
  6. Join us for prayer Tuesday at 11:30am via ZOOM. Follow the link at INEWHOPE.ORG

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