Week 7—Mar 17-24

Group Discussion (40 minutes)

  1. How do you feel about discipline? What comes to mind when you hear this word?
  2. In your Community Group or with your family — lean into gratitude. What opportunity do you see during this disruption? In what ways do you feel God could transform you and your community?
  3. Take 3 minutes of silence. Are there feelings of anxiety or worry? While understandable, God wants to meet you IN THE MIDST of your anxiety. A BIG step of faith would be to admit these anxieties with your Community Group or family/friends.
  4. Read Psalm 23. Spend some time reflecting on God’s ability to provide. How do you feel in light of this Scripture?
  5. If don’t have one, purchase a Prayer Journal (a cheap notebook works just fine!). This season will most likely be one that will be remembered. Take time this week to journal your prayers to the Lord. As you look back you’ll be able to see how God answered your prayers!

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