Day FIVE: Feb 23-Mar 1

As we conclude the week, take a look back at your week. Jesus says that you and I are the “salt of the land.” You’re going to bring to mind how this last week has gone being salt:

  1. Salty Christians preserve love. Write or say aloud two-three ways that you brought love into the world where it didn’t exist. Take your time. Christians develop good habits of self-reflection. It takes time to develop this skill. 
  2. Salty Christians enliven the good of the world. Write out a list of good things in your life. Try to write or say at least 10 things. 
  3. Now, take an honest assessment of ways that you didn’t bring love into the world when you could have or should have. This is not for your shame, but for your honesty. 


Finally, take a few minutes and pray: thanking God for his goodness and asking him to forgive you where you have missed being a person of love this week.

Enjoy the last part of your week. We look forward to worshipping with you on Sunday! Chris Bowlby will be teaching on how Jesus calls us The Light of the World. Bring a friend!

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