Day FIVE: Feb 17-24

Begin by reading this:

God, you are God and I am not.

What we say around New Hope…

He will be God whether we let him or not. But, it is better for us when we align ourselves with his ordering. 

Today, let’s look back on the Adventus vs Futurum paradigm that we reflected on last week. Recall the following (Hint—the Audio Recording Above includes a snippet from the February 9th sermon that explains Adventus vs. Futurum)

As we move forward with the Way of Jesus, we must remember that we are called to the faithful over effective. 

If we measure our efforts and our lives through the lens of “what works well in our world?”, we limit what God can do to what works in our culture, which inherently restrains God and measures our faith by the standards of our culture, and not the standards of scripture. A fair warning—>in the coming months as we continue the Sermon on the Mount, we will have to come back to this phrase: I am called to be faithful to the way of Jesus, and refuse to try to make Jesus’ way effective on the world’s terms.


Write out a prayer that commits yourself to be faithful, even if it doesn’t seem effective.

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