Day FIVE: Feb 9-16

You heard the story of Owen’s stolen bike being recovered. Yay! But, the woman who owned it (righteously) was also the victim of injustice. Bummer

In this world, there will not be perfect justice. You’ve probably experienced that reality. Something has been unfair. The world seems rigged at times. 

Jesus says,

6 Flourishing are the ones hungering and thirsting for righteousness because they will be satisfied.

Matthew 5:6

Hunger means there is a lack. Jesus followers regularly experience hunger for what isn’t yet. We contend for justice and right-ness knowing that in the end, God is redeeming all things and will bring perfect justice. We will be filled. 

But, we can flourish when we hunger and thirst. 

Have you ever filled your stomach with cheap food? Of course you have—you live in the day and age of cheap food! Your stomach may be full. Hunger is gone. But, a stomach full of processed sugar and starch is not healthy in the long term.

If we stop hungering and thirsting for righteousness (right-ness) and justice, it means that we have allowed ourselves to be filled with a cheap alternative. We’ve settled. We’ve become numb to the brokenness of the world around us. 

Stan the Liar will take advantage of our hunger. If not centered on the revealed Word of God and Jesus, the Son of God, human attempts at justice are short-sighted and far too shallow. 

Jesus is inviting us to have large imaginations for justice and right-ness. As we go further and further into the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus is going to stretch us. We’re going to be challenged. We might squirm. But, we’ll flourish as we hunger and thirst for His Way—which leads to life.


Write out a prayer asking the Holy Spirit to expand your heart for right-ness.

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