TRIADS at New Hope

We have come to understand that our teaching must be accompanied by opportunities for all of us to engage beyond listening. Triads are a way in which we can grow in our understanding, as well as our sense of community. Email Chris Bowlby (Associate Pastor) to get set up with a TRIAD:

Here are a few questions you might have:


Triads is a small group of people that gather weekly primarily around four things:

EAT (30 minutes):

Sharing a meal or a coffee with others is a powerful form of Community.  Each week participants share food/drink.  This is a great time to catch people up on your week (Highs and Lows). 

STORY (15 minutes):

Everyone has a story.  Each week someone will share their story of how they have experience Jesus in their life so far in life.

DISCUSS (30 minutes):

Each week participants will take time to discuss the questions from our Sunday Morning teaching. (TIP: Use a timer to make sure everyone has the opportunity to share!)

PRAY (15 minutes):

Each week participants will spend time praying for one another with the following prompts:

  • How can the group pray for you and your apprenticeship to Jesus today?
  • How can we pray for those connected with you (sickness, employment, hardship, etc.)?


Triads are for people that are not in a Community Group yet but want to still participate with a group where they can discuss the content of Sunday Morning.


While Triads are great for connecting over content and getting to know others, Community Groups are the long term destination at New Hope for Spiritual Formation. Each quarter we will have opportunities to transition from a Triad to a Community Group!

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