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Day ONE: Apr 18-24
Spiritual Discipline // INTERCESSION By Isaac Hovet Paul says to pray without …
Day TWO: Apr 18-24
Spiritual Focus // SPIRITUAL GIFTS By Donia Hovet I’m a short lady, …
Day THREE: Apr 18-24
Spiritual Discipline // CELEBRATION By Chris Bowlby God has given his people …
Day FOUR: Apr 18-24
Spiritual Discipline // CONFESSION By Isaac Hovet To be Pentecostal is to …
Day FIVE: Apr 18-24
Spiritual Discipline // SUBMISSION By Andrea Larson Submission is not a popular …
Community Groups: Apr 18-24
Community Group Outline Welcome and Greeting // (10 Minutes)Catch Up – Highs and …
Day ONE: Apr 11-17
Spiritual Discipline // INTERCESSION By Isaac Hovet To intercede in prayer is …
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An article that explains our use of the word
FLOURISHING in the Beatitudes (rather than “blessed” or “happy”)